“As a bird sings as it expresses the wash of the dawn, so a human has the possibility of expressing him or herself and what we experience in many ways. The instrument is not the pen, the paintbrush, or the flute… It is the person and what in them commands the hand that is the true instrument.” - John Turner from ‘The Tear’

Edward Dowrick’s music is described as using the piano as a paintbrush gently sketching images of nature in motion creating a space where others can find their own pathways in the listening experience. He would say that he has had the rare opportunity to play with some of today’s great musical pioneers and dynamically creative individuals like those of The World Mosaic of Sound along with many new indie artists in his piano performances around the world.

Ed was born in Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. He started studying music at age 5 and was quickly drawn to the piano by age 7. From this early age, he was also compelled to be on a discovery journey into the many aspects of ‘why is the human on earth?’, its purpose, and its application into everyday life.

He soon learned that every thought, emotion, feeling, attitude, stance, posture, movement, action, reaction is all part of a constant process of exchange of energies, of IMPRESSIONS and EXPRESSIONS. He realized that the quality of these in-breaths and out-breaths determines the state we find ourselves in, and therefore our well-being and intactness. Music became a theater of expression to that very search about, ‘what does it really mean to be a human?’

Ed made a home in New York City for many years and now lives in South Eastern Tennessee, where he composes and performs most of his music. For the past 17 years, he has given lectures, conducted workshops nationally and internationally in and around personal growth and natural wellness. He is an active member of The Well Being Sciences, an international research organization which is a network effectively working to develop new technologies and educational programs towards the restoration and improvement of well being and health. One of the avenues of research that Ed has pursued inside of this has been into the use of music and sound as a healing tool,
and exploring new approaches to music, including an open searching for the yet unheard music of the future. Ed also does film music composition which is a wonderful avenue for musical storytelling.