"An artist who pursues original art seeks to express that not yet expressed, not by invention, but by exploring the affair between the human and the universe we exist within. Thus, their ways are the love of the unknown and the unexpressed, rather than the infatuation with what already exists and what is repetitive."
- John Turner from ‘The Tear'


To book an event contact Edward directly through this site. For promoters and organizers of charitable events or benefit concerts, Ed frequently participates in community service oriented projects. For Filmmakers and Directors interested in Film music composition, Ed would love to hear the story you're making a film about.


Composed the music and melody for  'It Isn't How We're Told', a song featured in the European Musical, What Does It Really Mean To Be A Human?'  This musical is currently running in Europe and the studio recording was just released in September 2015. 

Bull Theater, London, 2012 

The ‘Plasma Concert’: A concert with an emphasis on the ‘art of listening’ and creating an ecology for what may be called a ‘thinking concert’ that attempts to promote or cause a certain kind of stillness where ‘things’ can come together whether they are ideas, resolving internal stresses, finding clarity, having better understanding, or being with the deep and quiet places of oneself.

Music from ‘Sounds of Humanness’ was featured in segments of National Geographic’s ‘Rescue Ink Unleashed’ 2009

Original Wedding music and other ceremonial compositions: Ed composes original music for couples' wedding ceremonies, where the wedding music composed is born out of a series of sessions searching the qualities and strengths of the couple and their fundamental importances between them that then become the ingredients of the music.
“It is a rich experience to try to clothe the special stations of a life’s journey with music.”
See ‘services’ for more details.

Music videos: Edward Dowrick YouTube 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen
or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

friends and projects doing good works in the world community

The Well Being Sciences ... is actively and effectively researching and developing new remedial sciences toward the advancement of natural and corrective processes designed for the restoration and improvement of well being and health.

Feminenza … in the encouragement of every woman’s future and working together for a greater mutuality between the genders.


Vitamusic ... musical vitamins for daily living; restoring balances and creating harmonies

Full Spectrum Healing Arts ... offering a wide range of Healing Services and Health Education workshops.