12 beats per minute

Step inside this mostly instrumental piano music that resonates with humanity, stillness, and an inspirational vitamin of hope. For in the music, and from the music are pathways of wellness, because it was deliberately put in the music.

The catalyst of this music's appearance came from compositions commissioned by friends and people I have met on my way, for some special occasion in their lives. It is a rich experience to try to clothe the special stations of a life's journey with music. It is my hope that these ceremonial expressions may be a useful accompaniment to your moments now and into the future. Enjoy!

Aud Wilken, Danish singer-songwriter, contributed her musical talents, not only with her beautiful singing, but with guitar, percussion, and music arrangements. Aud wrote and recorded this amazing demo, entitled, “Knowing That It’s There”, I was so moved by this song, that we re-recorded it with piano accompaniment and she agreed to let me release it on this CD! - Edward Dowrick


    1. The Jester's Music Box
    2. Futuring the Inner Courts
    3. Ruby Glow
    4. Beginnings
    5. Everything Is Possible
    6. Two Gems
    7. The Storyteller's Tent
    8. A Sacred Dance
    9. Step Into A Forest
    10. The Silver Green Dragon Awakes
    11. Self Summoning
    12. Knowing That It's There (featuring Aud Wilken)

UPC: 884501112581

Edward Dowrick - piano (all tracks), percussion (track 2)
Aud Wilken - vocals (tracks 1,6,8,9,12), guitar (tracks 2,9,12), chimes (track 2)
Danny Oks - french horn (tracks 4,6,8)
Herb Nichols - 12 string guitar (tracks 5,9)

All music composed by Edward Dowrick except, 'Beginnings', composed by Edward Dowrick , Danny Oks, and Aud Wilken; 'Step Into A Forest', composed by Aud Wilken and Edward Dowrick; and 'Knowing That It's There', music and lyrics by Aud Wilken.

Recorded June to December 2008 in New York City, NY. Alex Nizich, Recording engineer; Mastering by Walter Fischbacher. Conrad de la Cruz and Alex Nizich, Recording Engineers on 'Knowing That It's There'
Front cover photography by Aud Wilken; Artwork by Hilary Sycamore and Aud Wilken.
Produced by Edward Dowrick

One third of the proceeds from the sale of this music will be donated to, The Well Being Sciences, www.wbso.org and Feminenza, www.feminenza.org.