sounds of humanness

You are invited inside these piano expressions to join an experience of musical storytelling and active listening that promotes a process of strengthening, open searching, and being with the deep and quiet places of oneself.

The music you hear on this album can best be described as piano improvisations or meditations. The different pieces are like callings and responses to a broad band of influences and moods. So no fixed musical style is being attempted, only the motivation and wish to steer both the player and the listener into the depth of themselves and from that place, being able to better catch new thoughts and feelings and a sense of being released from the tensions and stresses that tend to close our systems down.

These compositions were recorded live during improvisational performances in the way of 'music meditations' or 'thinking concerts'.



    1. State of Expectation
    2. A Story of The Long View
    3. An Amber Dance
    4. Expressions of Humanity
    5. Growth Without Worry
    6. Passion of Doing
    7. Picking Oneself Up
    8. Orange Insistence
    9. Jogging Dolly Pop Clunk
    10. Waiting With Surety
    11. Silvery Tenderness
    12. New Fallen Snow

UPC: 837101314510

All piano music composed and performed by Edward Dowrick
Recorded live improvisational performances,
August to September 2006 in New York City, NY
Remixed by Conrad de la Cruz at Little Anguilla Studios, Cortlandt Manor, NY
Produced by Edward Dowrick
Cover artwork and photography by Aud Wilken

One third of the proceeds from the sale of this music will be donated to, The Well Being Sciences and Give a Girl a Chance.

"Enjoy this musical experience. You can do this by listening, not only for whether you like certain pieces or passages more than others, but by listening for what kind of influences might be at play inside the music, or even the pauses. What images, feelings, colors, etc. does it cause you to draw near to, what does it open or close you to? Questions! What will you by your active listening be able to extract from it? This is part of an unfinished, hopefully never-ending research into humanness, through music.

Not knowing for sure where to move to next then becomes an inevitable part of this journey, like facing each day, each conversation, each cup of coffee, new and afresh. In these changing times, how can we adhere to old forms inside the repetition of known ways and at the same time be open to the new? Trying to be perfect never seems to be a great invitation or platform for anything new or yet unheard to appear.

So, with this in mind, this music has been born out of the great value for the sanctity of human life and from a wish to stay open to what more might be wanting to engage with us as we live, what yet undiscovered languages, expressions, feelings, capabilities are just waiting to be plugged into. What needs our ears and our expressions in order to appear and in its turn enrichen our lives? Putting oneself on the spot within something one loves to do, and inside of that, to be a willing player, willing to make mistakes and keep going seems to be one of the ways that 'the sounds of humanness' are expressed." -edward dowrick