your very own song composed and fashioned uniquely for you and your spouse for that special day and into the future...

Ed composes original music for couples' wedding ceremonies, where the wedding music composed is born out of a series of sessions searching the qualities and strengths of the couple and their fundamental importances between them that then become the ingredients of the music to not only enhance their ceremony on the special day, but to act as a technology to revisit time and time again to renew, update, and strengthen their on-going partnership as it grows. This is not only for wedding music, but for birth ceremonies, anniversaries, or any occasion that marks a special milestone in a person’s or families’ life.

Services include:

      • 2-3 interview sessions
      • music composition
      • music performance on the special day
      • studio recording (optional)
      • ownership of your new song's copyright (optional)
      • contact Ed to set up your consultation.


“I wrote a wedding song for my dearest Lady for our ceremony which I played as a musical vow right before we exchanged rings. ... It's entitled, “Two Gems” - Edward Dowrick

“Ed composed a beautiful piece of original music for our wedding. We designed the ceremony ourselves from our own spiritual beliefs and wanted every detail to feel true to us. Ed took the time with us and was able to capture the essence of what we wanted for our ceremony and in our marriage. We often play it and it connects us immediately to our value and endearment for each other. … Our song is entitled, "Ruby Glow" -Jenia and Steve Quinn 

“Ed and Audi are absolute gems. The process we went through to create the song that was to become our wedding song was more important and had greater meaning to us then we could have ever imagined. Ed was able to very clearly capture the meaningful currents in our love for each other and our plans for the future and turn that into a gorgeous original song that we will have for the rest of our lives. We are forever grateful to them and would recommend them a million times over. ... The song Ed composed for us is entitled, "The Feather Floats" - Heather and Dan Novak (the song playing on this page)

“Doug and I can say with great confidence that our wedding ceremony wouldn’t have been as comfortable or as memorable without Ed Dowrick at the piano. The wedding music he created and played caused an uplifting and a delicate mood in the church. After guests were seated, Ed played an original piece created just for Doug and I, entitled, “The Orange Song”. This piece was perfectly written for us and was the song played before the bridal march. This original piece was the cue to Doug and I, that we were about to begin, which gave the song even more meaning. Doug and I will always cherish “The Orange Song” that no one else can claim. It was powerful, moving and is still spoken about when anyone mentions our wedding. I would highly recommend Ed to set and keep the tone and mood of your choosing on your big day. Thank you so very much.” -Bridget and Douglas Gustafson

“Every year our Hospice provides what is called a "Candlelight Remembrance Memorial Service" to honor the memory of those who have died within the last year on Hospice. Family members and friends are invited to participate in what has become a very meaningful time for all to pause and relect on the lives of those who have departed this Earth within the last year. Edward Dowrick's presence and music at last years service brought a whole new dimension to the ceremony that can best be described as "magical" as those who were present were gifted with music that permeated each and every person with a special balm that offered comfort and healing. His music filled the room in a quiet and powerful way with exactly what was needed and necessary to allow for each person's unique experience.” -Janice Sauer

“The music that Edward created and performed at my son's Mark of Birth Ceremony encapsulated the sentiments of the day and created a joyful ambiance. Ed later recorded the song for us which we will have for him when he’s older. Working with Ed was a delight.... inspiring and easy!” -Tammy Michalek

“The wedding music Ed created for us, reminds us of the qualities we love in each other, it is like a small bank vault that we can open and lodged within its melody and rhythm is a story of the things we treasure and wish to grow. It somehow carries the best of us.” -Julie and Chuck Behl

Other services…
Music composition for film makers
Music workshops